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Specialty Shows

The Message

Mondays 8pm-10pm

Join Keith On Da Beat Mondays 8pm-10pm. Bringing you the best in hip hop/R&B and local music. Find him on Facebook @KODB

The Hype

Tuesdays 8-10pm

It's the show held together by duct tape and hope! Your host Luke takes you through the best in Punk and Ska, all while managing to have zero cred. Join him for everything from The Jam, to Black Flag, to Less Than Jake! The only rule is there are no rules, and it's the punk show so he doesn't even follow that one.

The Digital Revolution

Tuesdays 10pm-midnight

Justin will take all of your dub step and electronica request every Tuesday night! You'll know you have the right place when all you feel is bass!
Find them on Facebook @The Digital Revolution on 89.9 WLCA

The WY2k

Wednesdays 9pm-midnight

Sam and Luke take you to that time in your life where you put the latest Aaron Carter song into your HitClip. Don't lie. We've all been there. Lucky for you you can relive the glory days with the best of the 2000's on the WY2K! With everything from Linkin Park to The White stripes, Sam and Luke will be spinning it all while while taking your requests!

The New Music Show

Thursdays 9pm-midnight

Michael and Leanne have waded through endless hours of mediocrity to find you the absolute latest bangers, fresh out of the oven. Expect to find music you haven't heard before, but are going to listen to again and again.

The Weekend Jumpstart

Fridays 3pm-6pm

Mitch will kick off your weekend with the best in Alternative Rock from 3pm-6pm. The always entertaining host enjoys giving away tickets, so tune in because you never know what shenanigans he might be up to.  

The Friday Night Drive-In

Fridays 9pm-Midnight

Hop into your ride and turn on the radio because Breanna is taking you to the Drive-In! At this drive-in, the programming is controlled by you. So attach your speaker to the car, prepare to call in a request or two, and ease back for a good old fashioned Friday night.

WLCA Sports Show 

Saturdays 9-12pm

Luke, Lukas, and Alex start your Saturday morning off right with discussions on all things sports.  

The Saturday Night Scene

Saturdays 9pm-Midnight

Join Nate and Dane from 9pm-12am as they count down the best of today's music and take your requests. With these two behind the mics you never know what is going to go down!  


The Garage

Mondays 10pm-Midnight

Randy brings you the best local music. This is a show you don't want to miss


Sundays 6pm-8pm

Join Jason as he throws things back to the days of one hit wonders and forefathers of alternative rock.


Sundays 8pm-10pm

Throw on the old school cartoons and turn up the Blink 182 as Jason brings back the days of teenage angst that was the 1990's.