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WLCA's Top 30 Playlist

WLCA's Top 5 Songs of the Week

1  BASTILLE  "Flaws" 
2  SAY ANYTHING  "My Greatest Fear is Splendid"
3  BRAID  "East End Hollows"
4  NARRATIVE  "Chasing a Feeling"
5  BAD SUNS  "Salt"  

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Top 30 Playlist

Top 30
1    SAY ANYTHING   "My Greatest Fear Is Splendid" 
2    MADE VIOLENT    "You Had It Easy
3    GROUPLOVE    "I'm With You 
4    MAN OVERBOARD    "Open Season"
5    JUNIOR PROM  "Shelia Put The Knife Down"
6    BAD SUNS    "Salt"   
7    MASKED INTRUDER   "Crime Spree"
8    MINIATURE TIGERS     "Swimming Pool Blues"
9    GRAFFITI 6    " U Got the Sunshine"
10   JUKEBOX THE GHOST    "The Great Unknown"    
11   BASTILLE    "Flaws"
12   OK GO    "The Writing's On The Wall"
13   GLASS TOWERS    "Griffin"
14   MAGIC MAN   "Out Of Mind"
15   YOUNG THE GIANT    "Mind Over Matter"    
16   BLACK KEYS    "Fever"
17   JACK WHITE    "Lazaretto" 
18   BRAID    "East End Hollows"
19   THE MAINE    "Ugly On The Inside"
20   LESS THAN JAKE    "Do The Math"
21   STATE CHAMPS    "Elevated"
22   KEVIN DEVINE    "Little Bulldozer"    
23   A DAY TO REMEMBER    "Right Back At It Again" 
24   NOVA AND THE EXPERIENCE   "We Are The Children"
25   NARRATIVE    "Chasing A Feeling"  
26   TRAGIC THRILLS    "Tears"    
27   PANAMA WEDDING  "All of the People"
28   BRICK AND MORTAR    "Bangs" 
29   MEMOIR    "Los Angeles"   
30   DEAR FREDERIC    "Outlast"    





New Music

New Music 7-22
JPNSGIRLS - "Circulation"
FOUR YEAR STRONG - "Go Down in History"
HANDGUNS - "The Loved Ones Who Hate Us"
SMALLPOOLS - "Killer Whales"
WEEZER - "Back To The Shack" 
COLD WAR KIDS - "All This Could Be Yours"
THE GRISWALDS - "Beware The Dog"