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  1. I CAN MAKE A MESS - "I'm The Man"
  2. WALK THE MOON - "Shut Up And Dance"
  3. HAVE MERCY - "Howl"
  4. SMALLPOOLS - "Karaoke" 
  5. TROY BAKER - "Apparition"



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Avindale is an exciting El Paso indie rock band whose sound can be best described as a mix of powerful ambient guitar melodies, distinct bass lines, dynamic drum beats, and evocative vocals that draw from the band members’ diverse musical interests. Early in 2014, the band released a 7-inch containing two triumphant singles – the [...]
The IRC series, Top DIY Songs and Albums of 2014, has been such a hit with readers around the globe and across the web that we figured it only made sense to push out the fourth installment sooner than planned. Every year thousands of terrific singles and releases from DIY artists and bands fly under [...]
As with every year in the past, there were thousands of amazing, must-hear and under-the-radar indie music releases in 2014. If you’ve been following IRC, you’ve heard some of the most promising and unique, many that were not featured anywhere else online before being profiled on IRC. And, in the coming weeks, we’re going to [...]
A good rock mix featuring standout songs with a ‘new year’ theme is more than fitting as the world says goodbye to 2014 and welcomes 2015. The following is a collection of carefully selected tracks from the archives of indie, alt and classic rock genres about new beginnings and leaving the past where it belongs. [...]
From an attic in rainy Glasgow, Scotland, DIY composer/musician Paul McLinden crafts wonderfully rich and diverse musical masterpieces as evidenced by the September release of his debut album, Head Happy. We love this album – every song is a gold nugget. It’s an indie masterpiece that somehow slipped under the radar. After listening to Head [...]
Over the years, IRC has put together the largest collection of alternative Christmas songs playlists on the web, featuring popular, and lesser-known, indie, alt rock, pop, folk and classic rock Christmas-themed songs from indie artists of the past 15 years, alternative rockers of the 90s and classic rock legends from the 60s through the 80s. [...]
Jet Black Sunrise is a Boston-based indie band with a knack for crafting dreamy modern pop compositions that pay proper respect to the band’s musical idols, such as Death Cab, Matt Pond, Counting Crows and Coldplay. The band – consisting of Matt Cronin, Nick Fede, Jay Schneider, Matt Smith and JC Zwisle – formed in [...]