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1. EMPIRE OF THE SUN - "High and Low"


3. GROUPLOVE - "Do You Love Someone"

4. SAINT MOTEL - "Move"

5. THE HUNNA - "She's Casual"

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This is the third installment of Best New Indie and DIY Rock music of 2016, with installment IV already in the works. This time around, […]
Located in the university town of Ann Arbor, Michigan, psych rock multi-instrumentalist Tim Knowlton, aka, Way Zen, weaves wailing lo-fi guitars, swishing, hip-hop influenced rhythms […]
Cloud Safari is the moniker of Pennsylvania indie synth pop musician Travis Pierson, a 21-year-old songwriter, singer and musician based out of State College who […]
The first Fresh Tracks for August is here, featuring a band from Santa Barbara, another from Brooklyn, and a third from across the world in […]
Galway singer/songwriter Ultan Conlon arrived in America earlier this summer from his native Ireland to share a collection of new songs – from his latest […]
Summer is a full flame right now and we have some hot Fresh Tracks from artists and bands across the country and around the world, […]
San Diego underground grunge rock musician and one-man band, Michael J. Dole, who released his blistering Nirvana-influenced debut album, Crass, under the moniker of Empire […]