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WLCA's Top 30 Playlist

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1   FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE - "What Kind Of Man" 
2   MUMFORD AND SONS - "Believe" 
3   MOTHER MOTHER - "Monkey Tree"
4   MOOSEBLOOD - "Bukowski"
5   BAYSIDE - P"igsty"



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[zbplayer] San Francisco musician Paul Desjarlais, aka, Pseudonym, sort of lives in an imaginary world, and has done so for at least two decades, according to his own autobiographical details. Desjarlais, and the “other imaginary band members that pretty much live in my head,” has made some of the best indie pop most people have [...]
March releases from popular, signed, and on-the-radar artists and bands have been combed through carefully to present only the best. In case you have missed any of the top singles from new releases dropped this month, we’ve assembled the first half of the month (the second half coming soon) in detail for you below, featuring [...]
This second installment of the Best New DIY of 2015 features a wide diversity of unsigned artists and bands with brand new singles, EPs and albums out now that you’re not likely to hear anywhere else but on IRC. From Brooklyn and Austin to Brisbane and Manchester, the artists and bands in this new playlist [...]
The Top DIY Songs and Albums of 2014 has been an exceptionally popular series, but soon we need to turn all of our efforts to 2015 since there is so much more than we’ve already featured that has come out, or is slated to be dropped, for this year. In the meantime enjoy this amazing [...]
Over the years, we are always impressed with DIY one-man bands who are able to craft, record and mix amazing songs that sound better than a lot of bands with four or five members. From Derby, England, Grawlix (pronounced ‘Graw-lix’), the one-man band helmed by musician James Machin (formerly of My Psychoanalyst), does just that. [...]
The last two weeks of February album drops features former Libertines’ frontman, Carl Barat, and his band, The Jackals, and their debut album, Let It Reign, that borrows lovingly from The Clash and throws in a couple of sweet ballads to boot. Emile Haynie teams up with a number of other artists on the album,We [...]
Based on the traffic, Likes, and Tweets of the previous installments of Top DIY Songs & Albums of 2014, you guys want – for at least a little longer – to hear more great DIY music released in 2014. You can stream all of the songs on this page by clicking on the play button [...]