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  1. MUMFORD AND SONS - "The Wolf" 
  2. MATT AND KIM - "Can You Blame Me"
  3. MADE VIOLENT - "Wasted Days"
  4. FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE - "Ship To Wreck" 
  5. PASSION PIT - "Whole Life Story"


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May 27

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[zbplayer] The Hot Dark is a collaborative post new wave jazz rock dance sextet (there’s a mouthful) from northern California whose uptempo, sprawling and diversely crafted songs have a way of pulling music lovers into their potions of vocals and instruments to listen more closely. Nearly two years since we first featured the band, The [...]
The spring of 2015 is certainly revealing a stream of exciting and promising new DIY artists and bands. Recent posts like Best New DIY Music of 2015, Best New Album Releases, Artist of the Week, among others, present dozens of songs and albums to listen to and artists and bands to watch. In this first [...]
Since their formation in 2012, the suave Nashville pop groove band with the cool name, Sol Cat, has built up a regional following in their home state of Tennessee and beyond. But next month, the band, which has toured with The Weeks, Reptar, Rubble Bucket and Turbo Fruits, among others, will play their biggest gig [...]
One of the great things about music nowadays is the access to all kinds of artists and bands, from all around the world, and every type of genre. This fourth installment of the popular Best New DIY Music of 2015 series features bands from Los Angeles and Long Island, London and Paris, Norway and Sweden, [...]
If you love rock and roll, don't worry: it's not dead despite what the cynics may say. For those of you who have followed IRC for all these years, you know we love hard-hitting, riff-heavy, and head-banging rock.
During the past month there have been quite a few awesome album releases from popular and signed indie rock artists and bands, including Toro Y Moi, Sufjan Stevens, Twin Shadow, Death Cab For Cutie, Bjork, The Cribs, Modest Mouse, Lord Huron, Waxachtchee, The Mountain Goats, Villagers, Lower Dens, Reptar, Brian Wilson, Josh Rouse, East Indian [...]
[zbplayer] Hailing from the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia, indie dance pop band, Fairchild has been growing in popularity over the past couple of years beyond the shores of Australia to the shores of England and North America. It all started with the release of their debut EP, Burning Feet , which was making the [...]