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Christian powerhouse, whose album 'Look Up Child' made a strong showing on Billboard charts, sang with McEntire at 2017 ACM Awards
Avant-jazz meets thorny chamber music on a track from the bold New York guitarist's new LP 'Convulsionaries'
Gillian Anderson and Lily James to star in London staging of Oscar-winning 1950 film
FX's breezy half-hour show joins the club of new series about assassins — but this one can't decide whether to condemn its lead character or pat him on the back
Band's Paul Simonon, drummer Pete Howard appear on 1983 recording, featured on upcoming compilation 'Joe Strummer 001'
Drugs were rampant, food and water were scarce, and several people lost their lives at this 1971 Louisiana gathering. How did what was supposed to be a hippie utopia get so out of hand?
Why Richard Lanklater's Seventies-set comedy remains one of the greatest teen movies ever — and a quarter-century later, still feels timeless
"Scott was my friend and I miss him very much," says singer Ben Gibbard at Spotify Singles recording session
Singer's first solo album of original material features liner notes penned by 'Lincoln in the Bardo' author George Saunders
The extreme metal trio has a big-tent vision that brings to mind anything from Hüsker Dü to John Zorn