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  1. ATLAS GENIUS - "Molecules"
  2. AURORA - "Running With The Wolves"
  3. THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS - "Ecnalumba"
  4. PASSION PIT - "Whole Life Story"
  5. MOOSE BLOOD - "Gum"


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June has already passed; and so has Fourth of July. Now that summer is in full swing, it’s a good time to kick back and spin the top tracks of June from albums that officially dropped during the month. This is the first of a multi-part series. This edition features awesome singles from The Darkness, [...]
It’s time to party the country’s independence with this Spotify playlist. Fire it up! Or check out these popular playlists – Fourth of July Playlist Mix, Vol. I and Vol. II – from the past – perfect for your outdoor or indoor party.
The first installment of 5 New DIY Debuts You’ve Gotta Hear was wildly popular, so it only made sense to create another installment for this new series. Here are five recent DIY debut EPs and LPs from bands you’ve probably never heard of before that deserve more attention. You can stream all ten tracks – [...]
[zbplayer] The Brooklyn DIY rock band, Lightouts, recently dropped a new set of singles, featuring the band’s new vocalist, Ron Ron ‘Skip’ Greer, lead singer of the legendary punk rock band Dead Kennedys. Since the last time we featured the band, Lightouts has performed live in the studios of the well regarded Seattle radio station [...]
The month of May was a blockbuster month for new releases. In fact, there were so many great releases that it took us longer to listen to them all and sort them out. This playlist features dozens and dozens of lead singles from new albums officially dropped during May – so if you missed any [...]
Today drops the fifth installment of the wildly popular DIY series, Best New DIY Music of 2015. Obviously, many of our readers/listeners want to hear more talented and promising unsigned bands that are currently under the radar (but shouldn’t be). We’ll keep delivering them because there are so many that simply do not get coverage, [...]
Here are some new DIY singles we think folks will enjoy as much as we have here in the cafe for the past few days. The bands featured in this post include: The Clox – New York, New York The Verigolds – San Diego, California My Empire of Sound – Stockholm, Sweden Geometrist – Boston, [...]