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  1. CAGE THE ELEPHANT - "Mess Around"
  2. CHVRCHES - "Leave A Trace"
  3. COLDPLAY - "Adventure Of A Lifetime"
  4. GOOD CHARLOTTE - "Make Shift Love"
  5. AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLER - "People Watching"


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The prolific DIY New Jersey indie rock band Lifeguard Nights, have, for the most part, flown under the radar when you consider just how many recordings they’ve released; stunning when you think about it, the band has dropped some 19 to 23 – depending on where you start counting – EPs and albums in the […]
We’re regularly amazed, even after doing this for eight years, just how much terrific music is being churned out every day under the radar from indie bands and artists worldwide. We do our best to sift through the hundreds of songs we receive every month via our music submission form from musicians throughout the United […]
[zbplayer] No matter what anyone says, a catchy band name makes a difference in the type of attention a band attracts. But, ultimately, it’s the music that matters. Based in Houston, Texas, the DIY rock band Silver Blueberry have both of those checkboxes clicked. The four member band creates garage rock music that reminds us […]
A few years ago, veteran Montreal musician, photographer and filmmaker Toby Andris was sifting through boxes at a Budapest flea market when he came across quite a find. It was a box of quarter-inch tapes together with a notebook filled with numbers and names scribbled on the thin blue lines of the ledger paper inside. […]
Throughout the year, we have been putting a lot of work into reviewing 2015 releases from DIY artists and bands across the country and around the world. We’ve labored over the flood of submissions we’ve received this year (most of them submitted to IRC via our submission form) from every type of artist and band, […]
This Friday, August 28th, Nirvana’s self-titled, double platinum-selling, seven-time platinum-selling posthumous collection titled simply, Nirvana, makes its debut on 45RPM double LP, pressed on 200-gram heavy weight vinyl and packaged in a furnace black gatefold sleeve with liner notes and a digital download card for 96kHz 24-bit HD audio. There will also be a 33rpm […]
In case you’re looking for some great music from debuting DIY bands, you’ve come to the right place. Continuing with the 5 New DIY Debuts You’ve Gotta Hear series, this third installment kicks off with a debut from an exciting new duo from New York. In This Installment: PUNT – Tivoli, New York Balloon Ride […]