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Buzzfeed has collected the funniest memes on the internet as fans react to the news of Tom Holland, the most recent Spiderman, no longer being apart of Marvel Cinematic Universe. click the link above to see the list.

The Menzingers released the video to their new single "America (You're Freaking Me Out). Where it shows an Alien traveling around the U.S. in complete shock by whats going on. The single is from their upcoming album called "Hello Exile", which comes out October 4th. 

The MTV Video Music Awards are known for their shocking moments on and off the stage. This year one way they're shaking things up is by adding 3 new categories for fans to vote on which is "Best Group", "Best Power Anthem", and "Song of the Summer". Click the link above to see the nominees for those categories and others. The show is set to air Monday, August 26th at 9 P.M EST.