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WLCA's Top 30 Playlist

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  1. I CAN MAKE A MESS - "I'm the Man"
  2. FOREVER CAME CALLING - "Defenseless" 
  3. HAVE MERCY - "Spacecrafts"
  4. WALK THE MOON - "Shut Up and Dance"
  5. NIGHT TERRORS OF THE 1927 - "When You Were Mine"



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Over the years, IRC has put together the largest collection of alternative Christmas songs playlists on the web, featuring popular, and lesser-known, indie, alt rock, pop, folk and classic rock Christmas-themed songs from indie artists of the past 15 years, alternative rockers of the 90s and classic rock legends from the 60s through the 80s. [...]
Jet Black Sunrise is a Boston-based indie band with a knack for crafting dreamy modern pop compositions that pay proper respect to the band’s musical idols, such as Death Cab, Matt Pond, Counting Crows and Coldplay. The band – consisting of Matt Cronin, Nick Fede, Jay Schneider, Matt Smith and JC Zwisle – formed in [...]
Flashback Tracks is a playlist series aimed at featuring playlist mixes of standout, genre-bending singles from both DIY and signed artists that we love from the past. Hard to believe that IRC will be 8 years old this month! First up is the track, “Miracle,” from London songwriter and vocalist Theo, aka, E-MUTE, released earlier [...]
This latest installment of IRC’s longest running indie rock music series, In Dee Mail, marks the 25th volume, and includes a whole new bunch of music never before featured on IRC. The bands profiled below include Seattle band Gems; Chicago’s Mighty Fox; Little Rock’s Canopy Climbers; Mexico’s Ekos; Rochester’s The Gifted Children; Los Angeles band, [...]
The Airplanes – Fayetteville, Arkansas These are bands, like bands and artists we’ve been profiling since 2008, that fly largely under the radar, but whose music warrants more attention. Here’s the first of seven bands we’ll feature over the next week. If you would like to support IRC, and help us grow and feature more [...]
Happy Hallowscream. Over the years, IRC has put together over 20 different Halloween playlists, featuring hundreds of Halloween, or Halloweenish, songs. Some songs were picked merely because the title is in some way, Halloweenish; you know, blood, ghosts, monsters, death, vampires, skeletons, darkness, and so on. You’ll also hear some tracks that don’t really *sound* [...]
Evaline – UK and California With six members from California to the U.K.), indie rock band Evaline released their debut album in 2010, followed by their sophomore album, produced by Dan Austin (Doves, QOTSA, People in Planes). Since the release of their 2006 EP, Portrait of Skin, produced by The Used’s Quinn Allman, Evaline have [...]
Baltimore DIY band Joy Classic pumps out catchy, feel good psych pop sounds layered with bright guitar hooks and twangs, reverb-soaked vocals, and punchy bass lines on standout songs like “Ya Know” and “Blossom.” We know when we’ve hit upon a talented, promising band when it’s difficult to pick just a couple of songs to [...]
For indie music lovers, this summer’s flow of new releases successfully fulfilled every vein and niche of sub-genre enjoyment. From the Vampire Weekend-ish jams busted out by Island to Fleet Foxes’ somber folk melodies, all the way to the glitchy electronic drones of Diplo, this summer’s indie rock, folk, electronic drops encompassed the entire spectrum [...]
The Bellegards – Selden, New York: This is the second featured band in the latest edition of the popular series of 7 Bands You’ve Gotta Hear. Monday we featured The Airplanes, the first band in this latest installment of seven DIY and indie bands you’ve likely never heard before. The Bellegards, an indie rock trio [...]
S. Walcott – Rhode Island Five experienced, teenage musicians and friends in Providence, Rhode Island, decided to start up a band last year after hearing their friend sing at an open mic night. After that night, the five youngsters officially launched as S. Walcott. We’re not exactly sure what that name means or where it [...]